Warn VR EVO12-S Winch w/ Synthetic Rope


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In stock



Warn VR EVO 12-S Winch Features:

  • Wired Remote Control
  • Reliable pulling power for off-road recoveries
  • Rated line pull of 12,000lbs
  • Fully sealed case with IP68 rating
  • Series wound motor with 3-stage geartrain
  • Removable control pack
  • Synthetic Rope
  • Standard 10×4.5″ bolt pattern
  • Backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty

Dependable Winch with Heavy-Duty Synthetic Rope When you’re out and about tackling your favorite trails, the worst thing that can happen is getting stuck with a hefty off-road tow bill because you didn’t come prepared with the right tools. The only good solution to this is by investing in a high-quality winch that you can rely on. The Warn Zeon 12-S Premium Winch gives your off-road warrior 12,000lbs worth of pull in one of the most dependable winch packages on the market. This winch combines a smooth geartrain, powerful motor, and heavy-duty construction with a 100ft Synthetic rope that comes together to create a winch that can pull you out of just about any situation. Featuring a standard 10×4.5″ bolt pattern and removable control pack, you can stand far away from the winch during operation. Premium Construction & Warranty Info The Warn Zeon 12-S was built from the ground up to provide reliable and consistent performance in just about any condition or environment. This winch is built around a powerful series-wound motor that’s capable of pulling 4 feet a minute in a fully sealed, IP68 rated case. These case itself is completely sealed and comes standard with a black powder-coat finish to combat the damaging affects of rust and corrosion. The winch also features a 3-stage planetary geartrain with a class-leading cone braking system to provide automatic braking with low levels of heat. Best of all, this winch is backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty to help keep your investment protected. 


  • Rated Line Pull: 12,000lbs
  • Geartrain Ratio: 234:1
  • Clutch: Free-spooling
  • Brake: Spring
  • Rope: Spydura Synthetic
  • Fairlead: hawse fairlead
  • Bolt Pattern: 10 x 4.5″


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