Who We Are

Our Story

As I sit here, trying to figure out how to explain to perfect strangers, in just a few short paragraphs, who we are, I realize, you already know, we are you. We are jeep enthusiasts, who like most of you, love our machines. We love the experience the jeep gives us, doorless, roofless, that open air, it gives us the feeling of freedom. The Jeep Wrangler has always been viewed as the utilitarian vehicle that can take you anywhere, even where the road ends. They say, “not all who wander are lost”.

This mindset, this lifestyle, it’s why those seeking adventure and excitement in their lives gravitate to the jeep. We are no different.

We have always been adventure seekers. Vacations aren’t to lay around and read a book on a beach, they’re to explore islands, hike volcanos and then bike down them to see the most beautiful sunsets.

¬†We rent sxs’s to off road in the mountains in Jamaica instead of lying on the beach. We never rent a commuter car or luxury vehicle. It has always been a Wrangler.

For years we told ourselves we would get home and get one but didn’t. A few years back we finally did.

We began making it our own, modifying it to suit our needs. Which is why you are here on our website right now. Because just like us, you’re looking to do the same. The journey here may be a little different for everyone, but at the core, we are you and you us.

We are enthusiasts who want to make our jeeps our own, to function as we need, to make more out of our adventures, to improve our experience and enhance our lives. We work hard and play harder.

We shop carefully, our money doesn’t grow on trees, so we want the best for our dollars. We need what we buy to last through years of abuse, off road trails, camping trips in the mountains, traveling old beaten down paths you could hardly call a road.

We want those parts to look good too. We take pride in our jeep and love to show it off to friends and family.

So that’s who we are, jeeper and jeepher’s, just like you!