Mission Statement

Titan Off Road looks to deliver American made products for your Jeep that you can be proud to own. Knowing that you’re using products that help keep your friends, your family, your neighbors, and Americans in general employed. Not only can you be proud of that, but you can be proud that you’ve purchased a quality made part that is going to perform well and last for years to come.

Titan Off Road will use products and services from other American companies that are all about quality, good customer service and longevity. The owners of Titan Off Road are no different than you, they want the best performing and longest lasting parts they can afford for their personal jeeps, and they’ve built theirs the same way you are. They had to do their research because there were a lot of products on the market and many of them appear to be the same as others at first glance. We all learn this isn’t the case. From poor powder coating to poor welds, to cheap fasteners, to the lowest grade metals. We refuse to do business that way. If we wouldn’t be proud to put a product on one of our jeeps, we won’t sell it!

The owners work hand in hand with our team of engineers, designing parts that make sense, that perform well, that will last through rigorous years of jeep ownership. Our goal is to deliver the best America made parts that compete price wise with foreign made, lesser quality parts.

We here at Titan Off Road understand how hard you all work for your money. We understand how expensive of a hobby this is. Building a Jeep with quality, long lasting American made parts historically broke the bank. So, we’ve set out to make building a bad ass Jeep more affordable. We understand our margins will be smaller, but a superior product means we’ll spend less on advertising and marketing because our customers will do that for us!