Door Hinge Step – Dual step x2 (Pair of steps)

This is a pair of steps


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2 in stock


Titan Off Road took the door hinge step to the next level! Pun intended.

This Door Hinge Dual Step has two steps to make using your roof rack or roof top tent so much easier.

Ever use a traditional door hinge step and go to tie something down on your roof rack and struggle to reach? How about those of you not quite tall enough? The traditional single step helps, but you’re not up high enough to lean over the roof.

Our Dual step’s top step allows you to get high enough that the roof of the jeep is at your waste line, which allows you to lean over the top of the jeep and reach where you couldn’t before. This is a must have for those who use a roof top tent or roof rack on a regular basis.

Both steps are completely slip resistant, made of high grade steel, they’re incredibly beefy and look absolutely amazing powder coated in textured black.

PLEASE NOTE: The Dual Door Hinge step only fits the rear Door on 4 door Unlimited or Gladiator. It will not fit a 2 dr unless the mirrors are Relocated to the A pillar.

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