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The AEV EX Front Bumper for JL Wrangler/Gladiator raises the bar for front end protection with a host of innovative design features and manufacturing processes that truly set this bumper apart from all the rest – even the factory options. Designed by enthusiasts and tested in the real world, the EX Front Bumper provides the ultimate level of functionality, style, and protection for your vehicle.

The EX Front Bumper is manufactured out of Hot Stamped Boron Steel (HSBS), an ultra-high strength, press hardened steel that is commonly used in automotive applications for passenger impact protection because it is lightweight with an extremely high yield strength. By using this material and process, we were able to deliver a Front Bumper that is considerably stronger than our previous full-width bumper designs without significantly increasing the overall weight. This is something that we have been very conscious about doing, with most OEM’s also now using lightweight materials as a weight savings measure. An optional Hot Stamped Boron Steel Front Bumper Skid plate is also available to further protect all the vital components mounted directly below the bumper.

The stamped, full-width design of the EX Front Bumper doesn’t just look the part, it offers maximum protection for the vital front suspension components that can often leave a vehicle disabled when damaged in a collision. Additionally, the EX Front Bumper’s aerodynamic design helps direct air up and over the Wrangler’s fender flares instead of trapping the air inside the flare as many aftermarket bumpers do, which increases drag and reduces fuel economy. With the EX Front Bumper, the additional benefits of its full-width design do NOT come at the expense of decreased tire clearance or approach angle. In fact, the EX Front Bumper sits higher and offers a better approach angle than the factory winch bumper.

Lighting is a critical component to traveling safely through remote backcountry, so the AEV EX Front Bumper allows for the installation of a pair of AEV 7000 series lights with the use of AEV’s optional Off-Road Light Brackets (sold separately). These brackets attach underneath the roto-molded center hoop, which features an innovative design that allows you to run your wires along the back of the center hoop without being visible or exposed to the elements. Having the lights suspended from the hoop allows for better access to the winch and airflow to the radiator, compared to traditional bumper-mounted light brackets. All OEM fog light options are compatible with the EX Front Bumper and integrate seamlessly with the supplied brackets and bezel. Even an optional Trail Camera Relocation Kit is available to relocate your front trail camera (if equipped) to the underside of the center hoop, giving you an unobstructed view of your obstacle ahead. With the optional Front Bumper Skid Plate installed, a 20” LED Light Bar can be mounted behind it, providing additional light lower to the ground, something that is particularly helpful in inclement weather such as fog and snow (requires AEV Winch Mount).

Built for ease of use, the EX Front Bumper is up for any recovery task that may present itself, with two Hi-Lift Jack guides and a pair of heavy duty, chassis-mounted recovery points that are tested to meet all OE load specifications and are sized for 3/4″ anchor shackles. A 10,000lb Warn Zeon 10-S winch (or other similarly sized winches) can be added to the EX Front Bumper with the use of AEV’s optional Winch Mount. The carefully thought-out profile of the EX Front Bumper offers plenty of accessibility and an unobstructed view of your winch cable – a common complaint users have with the factory winch bumper and many other aftermarket options.

The AEV EX Front Bumper is E-coated and powder coated for maximum corrosion and UV resistance and is proudly manufactured right here in Michigan!


  • Full-width corner protection
  • Satin Textured Black
  • Modular design allows for additional corner configurations
  • Hot-Stamped Boron Steel (HSBS)
  • Compatible with Warn Zeon winches
  • Roto-molded hoop assembly
  • Compatible w/ OEM fog lights and a pair of 7″ Off-Road Lights
  • OE-grade E-coat and powder coat finish
  • Front Trail Cam Compatible
  • Made in the USA


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