Jeep Wrangler Diesel 2.5 Inch Overland Plus Lift Kit For 18+ Wrangler Clayton Offroad

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In stock


Our 2018+ Jeep Wrangler Diesel JL Overland Plus suspension lift systems are designed to provide the ultimate on road and off road performance.
These are complete bolt on systems that are fully adjustable and can be installed using basic shop tools. The Overland Plus mid-arm system has adjustable control arms front and rear, adjustable track bars front and rear, adjustable sway bar end links front and rear, bump stops front and rear, and all four coils.
A system engineered with strength and reliability as a top priority.
The system include eight adjustable control arms, which carry a lifetime warranty against bending or breaking. The lower front and rear upper arms are dog legged for tire clearance.
They are bent properly so the joints are in line at both ends. Our Overland Plus arms feature our new dual durometer self-centering, maintenance free Giiro joint bushings.
The GIIRO joint, with it structured anatomy and superior isolator technology, has bridged the void between rubber and flex joints for the ultimate bushing. GIIRO is a free pivoting, self-lubricating, self-centering, silent in operation and maintenance free bushing.
Its structured anatomy matched with superior material formulation allows two distant worlds to meet as one, providing the desirable comfort for daily driving and easily transitioning to meet the extreme limits on rugged off-road terrain.
The Giiro is also used at one end of our adjustable track bars front and rear. The other end has a johnny joint for superior flex, and with a 5 inch long 1 inch shank, you have the maximum adjustment necessary, and of course come with our lifetime warranty.
With our 2.5 inch coils, bumpstops, adjustable end links, your 2018+ JL Rubicon is ready for 37 inch tires.
A Sport or Sahara will fit 35s, and both options require proper rim backspacing to clear.
Key Features:

Bolt In Design
8 Fully Adjustable Control Arms
Maintenance FREE Giiro Joints
Dual Durometer, Self Centering Joints
Premium Adjustable Front Track Bar
Premium Adjustable Rear Track Bar
Front Adjustable Sway Bar Links
Rear Adjustable Sway Bar Links
Front and Rear Bumpstops
Lifetime Warranty
Made in the USA

Note: 1. Shocks are optional and we recommend Fox or Radflo. 2. We recommend 4.75 back spacing.