Jeep Wrangler 392 Performance Coil Package Set of 4 Clayton Off Road

Code: COR-1509392-COR


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In stock


The perfect upgrade for your almost perfect vehicle! Your new 392 is almost everything you’ve ever wanted; great looks, badass sound, but something feels just a little bit off as your cruising down the highway with the top down, definitely following the speed limit.
If there’s one problem we’ve been able to find with the 392, it’s that the factory coil springs are way too soft for a vehicle designed with this level of performance in mind. Nobody wants a squishy, floaty feeling suspension with a lot of body roll in their 470 HP V8 engine Jeep Wrangler as they’re driving down the highway, which is exactly what our brand new Performance Coil Package for the JL 392 is designed to fix.
Not only will our higher spring rate coils help to make your vehicle ride and handle the way you were dreaming it would off the lot, but we’re also removing just a bit of the factory rake for an even more aggressive stance, and stronger coils means less sagging when adding on your heavy accessories like steel bumpers and winches.
No need for replacing any shocks or control arms, as this kit is not intended to lift the vehicle, but provide just small height increase up front in order to help remove some of that factory rake. If you’re not looking or ready to add on a full lift kit to your JL 392, but find yourself looking for the many benefits a set of performance coil springs offers, than this is the perfect upgrade you’ve been looking for.
Simple, easy, and highly effective.