Jeep Wrangler 2.5 Inch Entry Level Lift Kit 2DR 2018+ JL Clayton Off Road

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Our NEW 2018+ Jeep Wrangler JL Entry Level suspension lift systems are designed with function and value as a top priority. Our entry level kits are our base priced kits, but we address the most critical parts of your suspension. Setting the proper geometry for on road driving is even more critical than offroad.
Driving down the road and highway does put stress on your suspension and it needs to be properly adjusted. Therefore our entry level kits come with track bars front and rear, so that you can properly adjust your axles positioning left to right.
Adjustable sway bar links front and rear are also included, since proper sway bar angles can greatly affect your on road ride and handling.
Most importantly, adjustable front upper control arms. Since the distance from the center of the axle to center of the uppers, is greater than the center of axle to center of lower. Adjusting your caster angle is more affective, and the correct way to properly adjust your caster angle. A proper caster angle will help with handling and minimize wander due to lift and larger/wider tires.
Our 2 door version also comes with adjustable rear upper control arms. In order to eliminate any driveline vibrations and/or driveshaft bind you need to properly adjust your rear axle. Since actual vehicle weight affects this angle/setting, these are also critical to making sure your new JL is vibration free.
With our 2.5 inch coils, your 2018+ JL Rubicon is ready for 37 inch tires.
A Sport or Sahara will fit 35s, and both options require proper rim backspacing to clear
Note: 1. Shocks are optional, and we recommend Fox or Radflo. 2. We recommend 4.5 to 4.75 back spacing.
Product Features:

Bolt In Design 4 Fully Adjustable Control Arms
Maintenance FREE Giiro Joints
Dual Durometer, Self Centering Joints
Premium Adjustable Front Track Bar
Premium Adjustable Rear Track Bar
Front Adjustable Sway Bar Links
Rear Adjustable Sway Bar Links
Lifetime Warranty
Made in the USA!