Jeep Grand Cherokee Dual Rate 6.0 Inch Front Coil Springs 99-04 WJ Clayton Off Road

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In stock


Our new dual rate WJ front coils are here! Dual rate coils provide us a longer free length, so when your Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ flexes, you are more likley to keep the coil from falling out. In most Jeep vehicles, the coil bucket has a post that will retain this coil, but this is not the case on the 1999 to 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ. With our long arm suspension, the droop is usually limited by the shock, and in some cases the coil can fall out. This can be addressed with a limiting strap, shorter shock, or a longer free length coil.
Clayton Off Road coils were specifically designed to provide the best in ride quality without sacrificing durability and load carrying capacity. Its easy to make a taller, stiffer spring. The hard part is making a taller spring, which will have more capacity to handle your aftermarket bumper and winch, and still give you that smooth ride everyone is looking for. After a few test springs we succeeded. Each coil spring is powdercoat black, labeled with our custom part number and individually packaged in a heavy duty bag. Carefully packaged and sold in pairs.

New Dual Rate Coils
Free Length: 22.500 inch
Spring Rate: 200 lb/inch
Powdercoat Black
Made in the USA
Fits: 1999-2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee