Jeep Cherokee Front 3-Link 3 Piece Cross Member 84-01 XJ Clayton Off Road

Code: COR-2101300-COR


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In stock


Our XJ 3 piece cross member has been updated to work with both Automatic AW-4 and Manual AX-15. The 3 link version comes with a cross member and axle side bracket. These brackets MUST be welded fully Before installing the cross member in the vehicle. Clayton Off Road Inc. cross members are a 3 piece design. This 3 piece design allows us to bolt the cross member into the oem location, and weld it in for maximum strength. The cross member incorporates the mounting locations for our long arms. Once the suspension is installed, the center section can still be removed in order to service the drivetrain. Cross member is designed to use a 2.5 inch Currie Johnny Joint with a 4 inch 9/16s grade 8 bolt.