Jeep Cherokee 4.5 Inch Ultimate Short Arm Lift Kit 1984-2001 XJ Clayton Off Road

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In stock


Clayton Off Roads package deal lift kits are specifically designed to offer the best all around performance. This kit is put together using only the highest quality parts, and vigorously tested to meet our stringent requirements. Because this is a package deal lift kit, you know that everything is going to properly work together, to give you the best performance possible. Making bulletproof arms is our name to fame and we back that with our lifetime warranty. But thats only one step of the equation. When this package deal was put together we had one main goal in mind. We wanted to build the strongest, most reliable lift kit on the market. Price is important, but quality has to be a priority. Ease of installation is also very important, but strength and reliability has to be above the rest. If you save a few hundred dollars, and it falls apart in 6 months, thats not saving money. These are all items we thought about when designing, installing and testing our lift kits. Our obsession to details, is what brings you the best riding, strongest most reliable lift kits on the market, period. Primarily known for our bulletproof long arm kits, this kit was designed for those who are looking for our exceptional quality without having to cut and weld. This bolt on 4.5 inch lift kit uses the same high quality coil springs, rear leaf springs, DOT approved brakelines, adjustable trackbar and double sheer bracket, swaybar disconnects, front coil retainers as our long arm kits. The biggest advantage with this lift kit is our heavy duty control arms. This kit comes with adjustable upper arms, that feature Currie Johnny joints allowing you to properly adjust your caster angle. Because many of these parts are also used on our long arm kit, upgrading is fairly simple. Many of the items can be reused, saving you time and money.
This lift is intended to run 31 inch tires.
Note: 1. Shocks are optional and we recommend Bilstein 5100s 2. Drilling is required to install this lift kit. 3. A SYE kit and CV style driveshaft are required.