Jeep Wrangler Front Lower Control Arm Brackets 2007-2018 JK Clayton Off Road

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Jeep Wrangler JK 2007-2018 heavy duty front lower control arm brackets are a must for your Jeep.
Our Jeep Wrangler JK heavy duty lower control arm brackets give you the strength to trackle any trail or pothole filled highway.
These are our New multiple hole JK heavy duty front lower control arm brackets. They are 1/4 CNC laser cut, and CNC bent, and come with a 1/4 front skid plate. Now upgraded to offer both OE and high clearance bolt hole. Laser etched where to trim lower part if you decide to use upper hole. Also laser etched to help locate bracket. Just line up top line with coil bucket. The key feature of these brackets is that the front skid plate is welded on after you weld on the brackets. This allows you to have plenty of room to weld the inside of each of these brackets to the axle tube. The top of the bracket is also welded to the tube. And then last you weld on the front skid, which also connects to the front of the tube. Allowing you to properly weld on these brackets is critical, especially on the driver side where the housing is in the way of welding on the outside of the bracket. Welding these 1/4 JK heavy duty on all 4 corners is what makes these lower control arm brackets the ultimate lower control arm bracket.
Once you have upgraded your Jks axle brackets, dont forget to upgrade your lower control arms.