Jeep Gladiator Rear Bump Stops 20-Pres Gladiator JT Clayton Off Road

Code: COR-1410200-COR


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Jeep Gladiator JT rear bolt in bump stop. Our 3 Inch tall JT rear bump is a direct bolt in and is part of our 2.5 Inch and 3.5 Inch lift kits. Angled design properly lines up upper mount for full contact during articulation.
Our Gladiator JT rear bump stops are also designed to accept our adjustable spacer kit so you can fine tune your up travel. Simple bolt on spacers in 1/2 increments will allow you to limit up travel helping you run a larger tire with less lift, or that realy heavy load offroad.

3 Inch Tall Direct Bolt In
Hardware Included
Powder Coated Black
Made in the  USA