Jeep Gladiator Rear Brake Lines for 2020-Up Gladiator Clayton Off Road

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Our Jeep Gladiator JT 2020+ rear brake lines are a great addition to any lifted JT with up to 5 inch of lift. These lines are 22 inch long, 3 inch longer than stock. Designed to work with our 3.5 inch JT lift kit and allow adequte length for full articulation.
Long enough to fully flex you lifted JT, but not too long so the line is less likely to get caught by the tire or branch offroad. Most automotive brake systems operate between 850 and 1050 psi.
Every BrakeQuip brake hose is pressure tested to 3000 psi prior to sale to ensure safety and performance, even under panic-stop conditions. DOT approved and compatible with all brake fluids. Comes with clips, and washers. Kit includes ONE pair with necessary hardware.
Product Features:

22 inch Long
Individually pressure-tested
Low expansion PTFE brake hose
Reinforced with a 304 stainless steel braid
Red outer PVC jacket