Foot Pegs


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17 in stock


Here at Titan Off Road we take every part seriously, consider every detail. We feel we can confidently say, we have the most ergonomically correct Foot Peg on the market! We designed ours to contour the foot in the resting comfortable position. In order to make it comfortable in the arch, the pad your foot makes contact with had to be at just the right angle and size. It won’t dig into the arch because it’s too thin but not too large it doesn’t fit the arch. We added an outer lip that keeps your foot from sliding off. Others on the market have done so also but those are completely vertical and the upper corner of that lip is left to dig into the outer edge of the user’s foot. Ours is angled to align with the same angle of the user’s foot in its resting position. All of that is what makes ours so much more comfortable than others sold today. On top of that they look as good as they perform.


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